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if someone ever calls u a mean name just respond “nah” like how do you even respond to that realistically 

some person: hey asstown 
you: nah 
some person:

i think my favourite part about this post is that out of all the mean names someone could realistically call you, they chose “asstown”

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she’s so doing that tucking hair behind ear thing just like ordinary us meeting our crush

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On building chemistry with Jamie Benn. ()

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Yeah the flavour stimulus ones are stupid, where in the world are you allowed to eat in a test.

Stay away from this motherfucker he thinks you eat gum ^

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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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i could eat a whole avocado right now


avocago away

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pretending to study in front of ur parents like 


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make me choose

kane-you-shuffle asked: Antti Raanta or Teuvo Teravainen?

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Bruins locker cleanout day

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